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TV Out cable for HTC incredible?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by slumpey, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. slumpey

    slumpey Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Quick question, have people started purchasing this cable yet for their phone to be able to watch whatever is on your Incredible on your tv. I believe VZW is going to offer this cable but dont know if it is available yet.

    If people bought this type of cable, where did you buy it from and for how much.

    Also, I think my nikon dslr came with a cable like this, would it work.

  2. Dream

    Dream Android Enthusiast

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  3. slumpey

    slumpey Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  4. w0rdie

    w0rdie Member

    The one @ that link is mini-usb... won't work with the Micro USB port on the Incredible.
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  5. slumpey

    slumpey Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    okay, thanks for the clarification. I think I will order the one from what Dream posted for.
  6. demosthenes

    demosthenes Member

    Even if your cable did work Slumpey it would not have stereo sound since it only has one audio cable.
  7. jlb0305

    jlb0305 Android Enthusiast

    I have the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid USB tuner and it came with a micro USB to RCA (Y-W-R) cable. Anyone know if this will work?
  8. w0rdie

    w0rdie Member

    It's mini usb... which is too large for the Incredible.
  9. load97

    load97 Well-Known Member

    Think I might order that cable. Probably cheaper than Verizon's price.
  10. w0rdie

    w0rdie Member

    lol @ you guys ordering a cable that won't work with the device...
  11. Dream

    Dream Android Enthusiast

    Just realized that is a mini usb cable I linked above, DO NOT ORDER THAT CABLE!
  12. Harpu1980

    Harpu1980 Newbie

    you need a microUSB ---> Composite Video/Right Audio/Left Audo

    If you have one already...it may OR may not work depending upon how the cable is wired.

    this video YouTube - TV Output on DROID Incredible by HTC shows the cable in use.

    note: at the beginning of the video there is a bubble that says
    "Second microUSB port for charging while connected"

    So it looks like the microUSB side of the cable has both a male and female. The male for plugging into the Incredible and the female to receive the charger.

    I have never seen a cable like this before...and I have seen just about everything (i work in the entertainment technology field).

    my advise is the wait for the official release of the cable which will be "post launch" according to the verizon launch package pdf

    also in the verizon launch package pdf the "TV Out" cable shows a picture of a 3.5mm jack as the male portion of the plub...they must have used a stock photo because the "TV Out" definitely connects to the phone via microUSB
  13. load97

    load97 Well-Known Member

    Never heard of an iphone/ipod tv-out cable? Been around for quite some time. I have a iphone cable thats about 2 yrs old.
  14. Harpu1980

    Harpu1980 Newbie

    First of all Your Ipod/Iphone TV Out is NOT the same cable (microUSB) NOR does it have a female plug for charging....

    If your going to quote me...please do so accurately.

    "I have never seen a cable like this before" is referring the the microUSB-->Composite WITH the addition of the female plug for charging.

    If you have seen THAT cable somewhere please feel free to correct my ignorance.
  15. load97

    load97 Well-Known Member

    Yes I have as well.

    Your forgiven though. :)
  16. Harpu1980

    Harpu1980 Newbie

    No you haven't...

    The only place I've seen that cable is on the youtube video i posted above.

    If you have seen it somewhere else for sale....you know the drill...

    Post the Link
  17. shh

    shh Member


    Update: Cable arrived - will not work w/o adapter micro to mini usb.
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  18. slumpey

    slumpey Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  19. Musky

    Musky Android Expert

    The link I posted seems to be the same cable that Amazon is showing and is available now and on sale for $9.95! But you should verify somehow that it is the correct cable.
  20. load97

    load97 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting the links guys! Saved me some time, though I wasn't going to anyway. Harpu1980 can look for himself with a bad attitude.
    I never meant to quote you in a derogatory way, just that iphone etc has the same deal aside from apples proprietary connection.(which I posted a link for someone else in another thread so someone had an idea what the cable looked like). And if apple has it, I know(literally) someone make a similar product(mini/micro usb connection) etc...All these big company's copy each other to some degree. Anyway, Im sorry. :(
  21. load97

    load97 Well-Known Member

    No you are wrong to a point lol.;) It is the right cable for me, just I wasn't ordering it for my Incredible. Well, actually I was untill I had time to go back and read the item description etc. Just to find out that it was a mini connection, but then decided I'd get it for my fiance who needed it for another device.

    Though I should have taken the time to post and let people know, my bad. Though people should read up a little on what they are going to buy as i did. Just can't trust the people on the internet farther than you can throw'em:p

    Though, I think Startech makes a mini to micro adapter that passes data as well as power. Or maybe it was a Motorola cable i had saw on Amazon the other day. So it potentially could work.

    Its all good though!!!
  22. stanfna

    stanfna Well-Known Member

    well Sh!t!! I ordered the cable from Amazon....i assumed it was Micro. I might still be able to use it though.

    can i get your opinions? here is my thought...

    i plan to use this in my car (my car has the red/white/yellow inputs). all the connections (including the charger) are in the center console so they can be hidden except for when i need to plug up my phone. with the way the cable is designed, i would basically have two cables dangling from my phone. (the cable i bought and my car charger's cable). BUT....if I use this adapter....

    Wholesale Micro Male to Mini Female USB Converter Adapter Cable - $1.89

    then i would just have one cable plugged into my phone and the rest could stay hidden in the center console.

    my question is...is there anything wrong with using all these different cables? would i be better off using the OEM cable? audio/video quality, risk of damage to the phone, etc.?

    thanks in advance!
  23. varaonaid

    varaonaid Android Enthusiast

    I've never had problems with non-oem cables. I mean, it's sort of like saying that the HDMI cables available from Monoprice are somehow going to bork your equipment and you have to go with Monster.

    So, as long as the cables have the same ports and connectors, you should be just fine. I'm looking for a non-oem inexpensive cable myself but a lot of them are unclear as to whether they are mini or micro usb connectors. :(
  24. load97

    load97 Well-Known Member

    Appears that it will work. Just have to be careful as some cables only pass power. That one lists data as well so for the few dollars it is I'd try it.

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