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TV Out with the Captivate?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jonhcox, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. donshade

    donshade Lurker

    thanks for all the help...amazing
  2. vaickiballs

    vaickiballs Lurker

    Hello all,

    This is my first post on this forum but I 've been followin us...

    I have a Captivate and I worried because I haven't get to plug it on my TV, I thought that it needs a special RCA cable because I tried with all my RCA cables and didn't work...so i bought one from here but I discovered that it doesn't work neither....

    So the question is....It is the wrong cable or it is my phone broken?

    Also i went to Setting/Aplication administrator/ and killed all i could....

    Thank you very much

    PD: i've select the correct external channel on TV and changed the settings on the phone tv-out etc...
  3. SirKronan

    SirKronan Android Expert

    Remember to try different connections to different ports on the TV. Even though your cable has red and white for audio and yellow for video, that doesn't mean the terminals on the inside of the phone jack will correspond to those particular signals. In some cases for me, the red has actually been video, with yellow and white carrying the audio. Do some trial and error and see if that gets you going.
  4. vaickiballs

    vaickiballs Lurker

    Thank you for your answer!

    I forgot to mention but I've already tried it (yellow-red changing), in fact, on my samsung tv, any combination of the cables shows the same result, a very strange image and a lot noise...In other TVs nothing is showed
  5. shmolf

    shmolf Lurker

    Mine is an LG tv and it doesn't matter which RCA connection I use, its the scrambled screen. The sound is scrambled too, but a little bit of sound can be heard just like a little bit of video can be seen.

    The picture has a strong green hue. It is set to NTCS and I tried connecting to the components in the back of my tv, every variation.
  6. vaickiballs

    vaickiballs Lurker

    just like me :(
  7. blschmittel

    blschmittel Lurker

    does anyone know if it's possible to tv out on my samsung with a micro HDMI/ HDMI cable? i was told that was how it would work and since i searched all over to get one, now it wont work and everything says i need to use my mini-plug jack and get a new cable, somebody please tell me whether or not I waisted my money.
  8. SirKronan

    SirKronan Android Expert

    I don't believe any of the original Galaxy S phones (or variants) have the MHL hardware required to do microUSB to HDMI output. That feature is specific to the Galaxy S II and a few HTC phones.

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