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Tweeting pictures to Twitpic

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by sfx, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. sfx

    sfx Lurker
    Thread Starter

    (i'm on a Euro HTC Hero)

    So, I occassionally post pictures to Twitpic, usually using Twidroid, and just now using Seesmic, but I notice in both instances while the link and comment goes to my Twitter page with no probs, the pic on Twitpic.com does not have the comment attached.

    As such if you're looking at the pic on it's own rather than via my tweet, it doesn't have my label/comment/hilariousjoke underneath it...

    Here's what I mean:
    The tweet: Twitter / Simon Feilder: Superb work Mr Postman - h ...
    The twitpic page: Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter

    I've noticed that I can e-mail pics to Twitpic using the subject line as the comment (which I assume will then autopost on my Twitter page), but does anyone know how to do this through the Android Twitter apps themselves...

    I notice people who tweet using echofon (for iPhone) for example seem to have their comments included with the pics...

    I hope this makes sense.

  2. sfx

    sfx Lurker
    Thread Starter

  3. eec007

    eec007 Lurker

    did you find a solution to this? I've been looking for an android app that can post my tweet with the twitpic entry too.
  4. shadow90

    shadow90 Newbie

    Only 2 apps that I know that do that are:
    Sobees (twitter client)
    TwitPic Share (app for uploading pic and tweeting, nothing else)

    I've been looking for that too, but most twitter apps don't do that.
  5. droidrules

    droidrules Lurker

    Thank you so much to sfx for the OP.

    I use Twitter for android app and realized that when I upload my pic to Twitpic using Twitter for Android, my actual tweet does not appear as a caption on twitpic.

    I spent the past hour trying to figure out why the hell my tweets were not transferring to twitpic. The picture transfers perfectly, but no caption.

    So I started signing up for others like tweetphoto, yfrog, and just basically wasting time until I found this thread.

    Twitter for Android just does not work for twitpic captions. It's that simple.

    DOWNLOAD Twitpic Share just as shadow mentioned and use that to upload pictures! It works perfectly for me now. You just snap a picture.... press share.... press Twitpic share..... write a CAPTION :) ..... and then voila, success!

    follow me: will kim (willyD_) on Twitter
  6. xfishwormx

    xfishwormx Lurker

    sorry to bump this thread but i have a htc hero and can't find the twitpic share app on the market.
    does anyone know of either a link for me to download this app, or an alternative app that can do the same?

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