Help Twitter app not compatible with KitKat?


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I have just (finally!!) updated my tablet to KitKat. Everything was looking fine, until I tried to check Twitter. I got a message saying it was unable to loads tweets, so I investigated further. I checked my app list in Google Play, and it says the app is not compatible with the device. If you search Google Play for Twitter, it is not listed at all.

What's going on? Remember, this Twitter app (current version 4.1.3) was created specially for Android tablets and was launched with the Note 10.1 2014. Have Samsung and/or Twitter dropped the ball here? :(
I've sorted it.

Settings > General > Application Mgr > All > Twitter.
Force stop. Disable. Clear data. Enable.
Open twitter, sign in, accept the SNS request that comes up in taskbar (that just allows twitter integration on the device).


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Brilliant! Thanks for the quick response and solution. Heaven only knows though why we should have to go through this rigmarole..... :thinking:


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You should see the convoluted mess Android Wear causes. First, you install Wear, then try opening it, it prompts you to update Play Services. Try to open again, prompts to update Google Search. Finally, it asks to uninstall then reinstall Android Wear again! Then, it works.