Help Twitter App/Notifications/Sync

Firstly, I've tried all the very basics things like a factory reset and uninstall, reinstalling. I've checked under accounts and made sure that the app is synchronized. It's not a sound issue either.

My Twitter application just does not notify me of anything new, AT ALL. Mentions, follows, whatever, I just do not get notified. All my other apps, social networking or otherwise are fine.

I try going into the account settings on the Twitter app itself and it will not let me change anything. The settings are all 'greyed out'. [Image attached below.]

Any and all help appreciated as this is most infuriating and seems a stupid problem. I've looked all over the web to no avail so hopefully someone here is wiser.



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I dont use Twitter but, can you go to menu/settings/accounts/add account and check the box next to twitter? Perhaps then the greyed out boxes will allow you to set options?


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That one did help thank you, that master control setting in the widget helped unlock the greys. Now I just need someone to tweet me or something to check they come through! :')