Help Twitter apps?


anyone use twitter apps for their phone
I want updates when I get a new message, have used plume and tweetcaster but neither of them notify me when I have a new tweet and have to keep checking manually. anyone know of an app that lets you know when you get a message


Just the plain old twitter application. Go in to your settings menu scroll down to sync go into sync menu and check twitter is ticked.
try twicca its superb

or seesmic pro does twitter, fb etc combined in one timeline

as stated above every twitter app should give you a notification. maybe your update intervals are set too long
eg the auto checks are done every hour, but you're checking every five minutes and wondering why the phone didn't pick them up immediately

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Hi i used TweetDeck for the Facebook and Twitter feed combined, but theirs a new app I just downloaded called BlingBoard simler to TweetDeck but with more customization.
Both these app's have real time notification updates.

Hope this helps :)


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thanks for replies
have synched it but only original twitter works
even on the tweetdeck/tweetcaster etc I schedule updates and they dont come through