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Twitter, Facebook, and youtube didn't work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by FoolBoy, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. FoolBoy

    FoolBoy Lurker
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    Hai, I'm new in this forum.

    I have OP1 and happy with it, until I can't use Twitter, Facebook and youtube (especially twitter), I try many twitter's client but the result is same even I can't open twitter in default browser and opera. Twitter not entirely inaccessible, it somehow works, yeah somehow and it's very rare!. Facebook same, from a few days ago I can't login, even can't be opened on browser, youtube I only realize the problem few minutes a go. Anyway, my Internet (using wifi) working great! (I'm not use data since I forget to reload balance but last time it has same problem).

    I have delete cache, delete dalvik cache, even do factory reset and reflashing, still the problem there!. Now I use Official Gingerbred v.20g (romania)from LG, and I use CM7 when first time the problem occurs (and just somehow, not as complicated as now)

    Anyone can help me? thanks :D

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