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I'm just playing with my homescreen. I recently swithched to plume for twitter but don't like the default icon. It's possible to edit the icons with ADW launcher but I cannot find a twitter icon without a white border.

I've had a look at the ADW theme packs on the market but can't see any with twitter icons.

Is it possible to edit the ones I have downloaded for facebook and twitter?

Or are there any icon packs out there I could use?



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Note sure about ADW, but other launchers like Go Launcher has the option to replace the icon on the homescreen icon. I'd imagine ADW has something similar.


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Thanks for the reply. ADW does indeed have the option to change icon.. but the only icons I can find have a white border which looks rubbish.


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What I meant was, on Go launcher you can use your own icon. I can download that image you posted and use that directly without making icon packs. I would just select that image from the gallery for use as the twitter app icon. Doesn't ADW have the same option?

Edit. Might have misunderstood. Why dont you make your own? Should be a simple enough job that you can do it even on paint.


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Sorry.. should have made myself clear. I can use the icons I attached but they have a white border round them which look awful. I've no idea how to edit them.. It probably is easy though... sadly my knowledge of photoshop is very limited.


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So you just want the borders removed from the 2 you posted? Or maybe just the outer glow?

Edit: Eh, what the heck - Here they are both ways.

Right click/long press to save.

No glow ↓


No border ↓


Hope one of these is what you had in mind.