Nov 4, 2008
So I've been lurking here for awhile I haven't found an answer to the issue that I'm having with two G1's. My fiance and her sister both got the G1 when it came out, both worker for about 6-7 months with no issues. My fiance was rather rough with hers (dropped several times with exterior damage). A few months ago, both phones started missing calls and not being able to send/receive some MMS. When I call her phone, it rings a few times and goes to voicemail, but her phone never actually rings. It shows that she has a signal though. Also, when she tries to send a SMS message, it sometimes shows that it's still sending even though I've already gotten it. At other times, it won't send the messages at all, and she can't receive them either.

Here's whats weird to me. I though it might be the phone. So after arguing with T-mobile for a very long time, they sent a brand new one. I also had the SIM card replaced. It still has the exact same problems. It happens daily, but not all day. And it never happens at the same time.

Does anyone have any idea what I should do?

Both phones are running 1.6

I though since they didn't have problems for many months, that I should maybe try going back to an old firmware version and see if that solves the issues.

Is there a way to go back with the firmware without rooting the phone?
Try doing a test ...

Keep track of when and where its happening. I am thinking that it might a location issue. Maybe a tower near by that is not working properly. If it happens in other places then that is not the issue.

I would also check that 3G is working on both phones. Sometimes I will miss a text or 2 when not in a 3G area. I don't know why but it does happen for me.

As far as droping down to an old version, not sure about doing that without root. You might be able to, I just haven't heard of it.
it is not a location issue. i have kept track of when and where it happens and it has no pattern. so should i root the phone and start stepping back through firmware versions till i find one that works?
You could call T-Mo and see if the can resend the update to each phone and see if it clears up.

I dont know if that would help.

If you are going to root, I wouldnt step down right away. I would try the latest rom from CyanogenMod | Android Community Rom based on Donut tree. and seeif that help. If you do that, you will get all the extras that come with it and hopefully wont miss any more calls or messages.
It's not an issue with the phone.
it's an issue with t-mobile.
used to happen to me all the time when I was with t-mobile.
not only with my g1 but also with a cheap razer