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This app does not aim to compete as a full-featured image editing app. What this app does is to do a very simple use case. Say you just bought a new house and you want to buy your sofa, curtains etc and so you start to take the measurement but you also want the color of the sofa, curtains to match well with your house painted colors.

You can use the Android smart-phone camera to take a picture of your house walls where you want to put your sofa, curtains etc. After that you go shopping and in the showroom you take a picture of the sofa, curtains etc you like. Then you use this app to "blend" two pictures together so at least you will have a rough idea how the color of your sofa, curtains could match with your house painted walls at the showroom to make some informed decision. It may not be exact but it provides an estimation. Other use cases which require playing around with two pictures can use this app for simple processing too.

To use, you select a source and a target picture. For Android provided SDK complete-ness, the Operation picklist has a lot of choices. Try Darken, Lighten, Multiply, Screen for "blending" two pictures together, select Color Filter as "white" color and tap Generate button. When you have time you can try to use other Operation picklist choices and different color from Color Filter. If you like the "blended" picture you can also tap Menu->Save to save to your SD card.

The application support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese display.


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