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Two new programs that transformed my droid and my comments & ?s

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dab290, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. scheng12

    scheng12 Well-Known Member

    Menu >> Preferences >> Screen Preferences >> Orientation.

    Make sure the Orientation settings in Sound & Display are set correctly

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  2. tranzz

    tranzz Member

    I kept my top-of-screen notification bar when I installed Home++,

    You can hide or show yours by touch-and-hold the Home++ "alert" icon (!). Do it to toggle the top line open or closed.

    once you install Home++, your apps listing shows "Home++ Menu" and you use that to mess with the Home++ settings and -go to their website to learn stuff and get your questions answered. It's better docs and "Help" than most Android apps I've seen.
  3. n0m0n

    n0m0n Well-Known Member

    After installing handcent I kept receiving notifications (ever few minutes) for the same SMS's over and over again.
    EVEN though I read them...

    Turned off the SMS default notifications so it was not that.

    Any ideas?

  4. pcb28

    pcb28 Newbie

    the only thing that comes up when i search android market for "home++" is an app called "flip clock beta".

    i also tried searching "home" (developer is Andrew Kachaniwsky) and got an app which claims to be broken, has a lot of silly comments but also a lot of apparent raves, saying it's great for optimizing memory.

    SO, 2 questions:
    --where do i find home++...do i need to search under a different name?
    --is this "home" app for real or just a joke?

    many thanks and apologies if i've missed these answers elsewhere.
  5. troybal

    troybal Newbie

    Do a search for "Intuitit" without the quotes. It will have 3 listings and one if them is Home++ Beta. Intuitit is the maker of Home++
  6. curtdragon

    curtdragon Newbie

    I dunno, I just did a search for home++ and it is a saved search and pulls up the app no problem
  7. tsaunders

    tsaunders Android Enthusiast

    The same person that makes the flip clock beta. Click on that and look at other applications by this developer.
  8. troybal

    troybal Newbie

    I believe that I had the same problem when I did NOT have Home++ installed. Now that it is installed when I type in Home++ it finds it. I just do not recall how I found it the first time but searching by the maker name did find it for me so hopefully that works for the OP looking.
  9. troybal

    troybal Newbie

    I was having the same exact issue as you, decided to give it another try and was playing around with preferences etc... While in Home++ you can see the 6 icons at the very bottom of the window. Click on the one that has 3 lines with a small X. This is takes you to the available memory, I did a "End All" and did it a few times, (getting in and out of Available memory to see it again then hitting End All again).

    I also clicked on Menu then preferences and then Screen Preferences. changed my screen number from 7 to 5 and my default screen from 5 to 2 then I went back from 5 to 7 screens and from 2 to 5 default screens.
    I cant tell you what all worked, but this resolved my lagginess from going from screen to screen.

    Now Home++ runs smoother for me.
  10. Mercutio

    Mercutio Member

    I had the same exact problem - it wasn't in the market. No idea why.

    Grab the .apk straight from his site or use his QR code to access the market:

    Introducing Home++ (Home++ by Intuitit)

    Regarding smoothness of home++, make sure that you delete all widgets off of the default home screen, or any other app home screens you may have.
  11. troybal

    troybal Newbie

    I had deleted all the widgets etc.. off default home however I also had added DxTop and decided to add Home++. Home++ was then laggy where DxTop was not so I did not try to delete widgets etc... from the DxTop home pages because it had worked fine for me, dont know why. But again once I played with the memory/preferences all is good now and I have both Home++ and DxTop with widgets etc.. but only one is set to my default home. So if I want to switch I set the new one to Default, then launch versus just launching. If that makes sense. Using Home Switcher app.
  12. Mercutio

    Mercutio Member

  13. Miga

    Miga Newbie

    Have to say i love this as well. I think its becoming huge. When i first got the app and went to the dev website Introducing Home++ (Home++ by Intuitit) only 3 people donated. Now there are 36. I am looking forward to what Intuitit can put out.
  14. pcb28

    pcb28 Newbie

    thanks, was able to download, but i'm getting a 'cannot install this app on your phone' message. i have an eris, fyi. perplexing. and by that i mean grrrrrrrrrr =]

    any ideas people?
  15. Mercutio

    Mercutio Member

    You have to enable non market apps on your phone's settings. Careful what you install after enabling this.
  16. pcb28

    pcb28 Newbie

    right, under settings>manage apps. i'd done that, but no dice.
  17. danlaw777

    danlaw777 Member

    i found Home++ today because of this thread, dl's it and have now since told my whole shop as well as all my friends. I LOVE THIS APP!!! handecent is also really good!!
  18. MSU

    MSU Member

    I'm almost with you.
    I love Handcent, but I gave up Home++ for Panda home. I like Panda's slide outs better and if you want it can go up to 11 screens. There are other things. I did like Home++, but after using them both, Panda won out.

    If it wasn't mentioned, you should get the add on for speech to text on Hancent. Really nice to have, but it messes up sometimes.
  19. famouzstarz

    famouzstarz Android Enthusiast

    wtf am i a ****** i cant find home++ on the market
  20. mdevine

    mdevine Member

    I also used to get double SMS notications. One from Handcent and the other from default messaging (even though I had notification turned off for messaging).

    Do you use Twitteroid or another twitter app? I uninstalled this app and the issue went away. check you settings in your twitter apps as well.
  21. karalinagirl

    karalinagirl Newbie

    I haven't tried Home++ yet. I'm currently using dxTop and I do love that.

    I tried Handcent though and I have to admit, it's a sweet app. I am OCD enough that the lack of FB profile picture integration drove me nuts. As well as the double notifications. I never even thought of turning off the default notifications though. But wouldn't that just lead to doubles of texts being stored and thus taking up memory? Or no?
  22. baddriver

    baddriver Well-Known Member

    Home++ is for 1.6+, eris is 1.5
  23. tranzz

    tranzz Member

    c'mon people, look at the name of the thread! AND this thread is in the "Motorola Droid" branch of the website. Maybe the admin needs to re-name it (for the L.C.D.) to include the model number?!?!?
  24. JonnyCerv

    JonnyCerv Newbie

    First time I installed Home++ it kept closing. Uninstalled and reinstalled...working fine.

    When searching market, make sure there is no space between home and ++. That helped me.

    search: home++ not home ++
  25. randysoto

    randysoto Newbie

    i use home++ too..its awesome..i deleted the widgets from the default home and is alot faster..i use a widget called unread sms count and it puts a number by the default sms icon to tell how many texts you have so i can hide the notification bar..its awesome

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