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Two questions for the savy droid users

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kmlazerith, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. kmlazerith

    kmlazerith Newbie
    Thread Starter

    1. When ever I send an email using my gmail account to a non-contact user it automatically makes it a contact when it syncs it to my phone. Anyway to turn that feature off? Its annoying when you may only email someone once and then it becomes a contact on your phone. Also if there is a way to turn it off will that also turn off auto update for my normal contacts?

    2. I also noticed when i use the ATK app, that applications that i never use/start will be on the list such as voice dial. Is there a way to prevent that to help keep it running quicker?

    Thanks for the help in advance:thinking:

  2. davros

    davros Android Enthusiast

    hmm good ?'s i seek these answers also.
  3. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    Welcome to the forum.

    As far as I know #1 is a feature of gmail and not really anything the phone or android is doing. The only way you can really stop it all together would be to turn off the contact sync.

    For #2 I will assume that you mean Advance Task Killer when you are saying ATK. There is an Automatic task killer that would do what you are looking for. However, I don't think you will see anything in the way of improved speed or battery life doing this.

    I guess what I am really trying to say is that for best results I would avoid making changes to the 2 things you are asking about. I know it isn't what you want to hear, but there you have it.

    There is always hope though, I am sure that any minute someone will come along and tell you how wrong I am. :D
  4. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    You dont need to turn off the contact syne, you just need to change a few things in both gmail and on the eris.

    1. On your computer log into your gmail account
    2. Go to the contacts
    3. Remove any contact from "My Contacts" that you dont want to sync.
    4. On the Eris click on People > Groups > Menu > Sync Groups ... then un-check "Sync all contacts"

    Now the Eris will not sync with "All Contacts" ... this should prevent it from syncing the extra contacts that gmail makes.
  5. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    See, I knew that would happen. :D
  6. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    Happens to me all the time :cool:
  7. davros

    davros Android Enthusiast

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