Sep 5, 2011
I rooted my device with CWM; after rooting it was recommended for me to backup by using TWRP. Everything was done successfully, my only problem is that TWRP has used 4.56GB in Miscellaneous files from the backup. I have the 16 GB tablet with only 3.69GB of free space. If I was to remove TWRP backup from Miscellaneous files will it remove ROOT or destroy my tablet?
You can set TWRP to store your nandroid backups on the external SD card to save space in the internal 16GB memory. If you don't have an SD card I recommend getting one. I use 16GB SD cards with no problems. You can move the TWRP folder content over to a new TWRP folder on the SD card after you set TWRP to use the SD card.

To my knowledge, the only way to remove TWRP recovery would be to flash CWM, but I prefer TWRP, myself. However, switching recoveries should not unroot or hurt your tablet if done correctly.