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Uber Driver App reverts to new version after downgrade

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by electroconvulsive, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. electroconvulsive

    Thread Starter

    I have been running the Uber driver app for over a year now and recently it updated to a new version of the app which is frankly a mess. So i tried to downgrade by uninstalling and then downloading an older version of the app. When the older version is installed it asks me to log in and voila I have the old app running again. But then if I exit the app and reopen it. The new version is back. I have tried turning off all auto updates, turning off auti update for the Uber driver app only, force stopping the Uber application and clearing the cache and then uninstalling and restarting the phone before reinstalling and I have also tried deleting /internal storage/android/data/com.uber.xxx and /sdcard/android/data/com.uber.xxx which neither of have returned on re installation. The version I install is roughly 65Mb and after the first restart and revert to newer version it bloats out to about 135Mb. So what is going on is even though I have uninstalled and removed all caches etc. how come a new version is hanging around in my phone to replace the version I am trying to install and use. Where is it? Can I get rid of it? What can I do to stop this from happening? I am open to almost any suggestion including factory resetting my phone but I want to be sure that this won't happen again even after taking such extreme measures.

    My phone is a Lenovo p2a42 running Android 7.0 with the latest system and app updates. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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  2. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    It's more than likely controlled by the Uber app, and has nothing to do with your phone.
    Some apps do a forced update that cannot be resolved
  3. electroconvulsive

    Thread Starter

    Hey thanks for your response. You are probably right considering Uber's behavior in general. However it auto upgrades to the first of the new version as I have discovered but even when offline. My impression is that there is a apk hidden in the root folder and my 2 choices are to either root the phone and access the root folder to delete it or reset it to factory state after removing the app in the vain hope my Google account won't put the mystery file back.
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