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Uber-Noob - New phone, Evil plans.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ningirsu.ka, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello everyone.
    Just got my brand new and shiny and AWESOME Galaxy S2.(had an Iphone, hated Apple way of business, gave up on them).
    Now to start with the fact that I cannot afford to buy another phone, got this on 3(UK)...and I hate everything in the phone right now.
    I always hated crap on my phone from the carrier, they always have this sh---t software...and cr*p you can't get rid of.
    I want also to let you know that i am the definition of a noob. (messed about with iphone jail breaking, but that was pretty easy- this look harder).
    and as i said i don't want to brick my phone.

    all i want is this community's recommended software - and something clean, from android itself, or samsung, or whoever makes it.

    Please note I read about in the forum and can't figure it out what this "VillainROM" and this "Odin" and this "Kies (althout i've seen it in my phone)" and this KH3 MEAN.
    Is there a thread for a guy who just landed here. Something like:
    1 Lingo we use here
    2 what that lingo means
    3 what's software kernel, firmware difference..and all that good stuff that yo guys know and it will take me years to learn :(.
    4 What's the best of the above ^ .. and why?
    5 What are the advantages of a root (which i still don't know for sure but i think it means a clean software..(all the software the phone uses )).

    Also thinking ahead I am very interested in an app that lets me move app shortcuts ( not the app folder - dunno if possible) into a folder made by me ...in the app screen - not the home screen. I am a freak about tidiness.
    If i root my phone, where is the best place to keep an eye for new updates. Here i think, but what do you?....
    Can someone explain to me the folder system my phone works on?...I have no skill in linux thus i have no idea how the folder system works ...which is system folders that i don't need to go into, and which are the ones i will be opening every day.
    Memory wise - In my memory panel it shows 3 types of memory - 1. almost 2 gigs. 2 - sd card (which i don't have) 3 - some 12 gigs i think...which i don't know where they come from.
    Battery - In the old days - when you got a phone you had to format the battery or something...is there anything related to the new phone's battery for GS2?
    Installed and used HandCent app...do i need the original messsage thingy? or can i just use a specific app for texting?

    I'm sure i have loads more questions but I can't think of them now.
    My phone details:
    Samsung Galaxy S2 - 3 carrier (UK)
    Build Number - GINGERBREAD.XWKF4
    Kernel Version - - CL280512 root@DELL151 #2
    BaseBand Versio n - I9100NEKF2
    Android Version - 2.3.3

    Anything else (info) you need please let me know, I will post it.

    I honestly apologize for the messy way of expressing myself, don't know if I make a lot of sense in what i write, english is my third langauge, and its damn hard to remember all this grammar rules and stuff. I didn't mean any disrespect or offense and I hope I didn't break any rules, it was not my intention.
    Thank you for reading this, I appreciate your time.

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  2. Blue1k

    Blue1k Android Enthusiast

    See my guide in root section. For newbs ;)
  3. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    I'm on 3 UK. First thing I did was Upgrade to non branded latest firmware. I would go for KH3 as it is stable and one of the newest. Take a look in my sig for samsung firmware, common terms and rooting guide. Any problems just ask :)
  4. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just have one quick question.
    After i go into odin mode on the phone I have the "Downloading Do not turn off the target" painted on my phone....in the guide it says wait for the ID:COM to turn yellow....where is the ID:COM, on the phone or on the Odin program ?.

    NEVERMIND. I found it :D....I'm an idiot. the guide you recommended is very good. I speak italian.

    I don't want to fill the forum with crap so I'll ask here and pray that you guys see this later edit.
    After I do the firmware and the root, can I still use keis to put music, photos, and stuff on my phone?
  5. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    Its in Odin.
    Just follow the instructions on XDA forum to the letter and you should be fine.
  6. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Right. Firmware Updated to KH3 as steslatt recommended(to be honest I don't know what has improved. but since i'm wood skilled phone wiz, i'll take your word for it that stuff have improved(would be nice to know what exactly tho).
    What's next...after the Flash?? (Firmware Update). The rooting part, will I lose contacts, stuff, messages ?. Should I follow the same guide?

    You said for firmware the KH3 is the one you would choose.
    What about rooting...what do you recommend and where can I get the goodies?. Thank you for all your help guys, u made me feel less dumb around android and phones in general.
  7. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    Samsung does not publish change logs for the SGS2 so its hard to know exactly what has been changed but you will find that the 3 uk bloatware has gone. Also you will now be running android 2.3.4 not 2.3.3 like in the old firmware. You should see some battery life improvement to.

    For rooting follow the guide in my sig, pick the KH3 file in post 5.
  8. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Tiny problem here. I'm sure I'm the idiot and can't see it:

    Instructions - If you already have CF-Root
    - Copy the zip file to your SD card
    - Stop sharing SD card with computer over USB, unplug the cable, etc
    - Applications -> CWM -> Flash kernel. Select the ZIP file on your SD card.
    - Done

    Where it says Application. then CWM...what is CWM...where is it in the applications list?

    Ok...now I'm lost. I didn't have CF-Root already..so i did the previous step in the guide...
    but now the cockwork mod and stuff...i'm lost :(
  9. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    Thats if you are already rooted.

    You need to follow this part:
    Instructions - ODIN (long)
    - Follow these instructions to the letter. Do not touch any buttons or checkboxes that are not listed below to touch!
    - Unzip the attached CF-Root-xxx-vX.X.zip
    - (USB) Disconnect your phone from your computer
    - Start ODIN
    - Click the PDA button, and select CF-Root-xxx-vX.X.tar
    - Put your phone in download mode
    - (USB) Connect the phone to your computer
    - Make sure repartition is NOT checked
    - Click the START button
    - Wait for the phone to reboot
    - Done (if it took you more than 30 seconds, you need practise!)
  10. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yeah...after this one I'm stuck.
    Found the super user oneclick program but now I found something about ShortFuse Drivers and stuff..and I don't know if that's the one I need or not. after what you just put here..the steps...the guide breaks down into "Mega Smart guy talk"...and I'm not in the club :(
  11. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    After that you are rooted... You should have 2 apps installed on the phone CWM app and Superuser app.
  12. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Are you kidding me...I just found the CWM app...i thought its something in the settings -> Applications :((...what an idiot eh?...
    so after I do this...do i need to use the super user one click thing or not?
    What now?...why is the Super user one click program not needed for my firmware - rooting process?

    So now I have the CWM app and the Super User App.
    Just went around and looked in them and the CWM says that it needs super user access and if I have super user app(which I do), I should go in the super user app and make sure its not blocked.
    I went into the super user app and at apps it says No apps in list. Dunno what should I do next. (And I'm still thinking about the super user one click program? Do I still need to use that ?)
  13. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    I think you are getting confused.
    Superuser is an app that controls what apps are allowed root access. If you get an app that requires root access for example titanium backup then you will be prompted by the superuser app to allow or deny root access. If you go into the Superuser app you can see a list of what apps are allowed root access deny them as well. (You need this app)
    Superoneclick is an app that roots and unroots. (You don't need this app)
  14. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Right. So i got this super user part. What about CWM bit mate?.
    First time I went in it, it asked me something about the super user access, didn't know what it means and i pressed cancel instead of OK.
    Now every time I go in it, it says that I need to go into super user and grant it access, how do I do that?
  15. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    Go to Menu>settings>applications>manage applications>press the "All" tab at the top, find and select the superuser app, then press clear data. Try the CWM app again and you should get the root access prompt, press allow this time :)
  16. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    YEEES. Worked.
    you deserve a prize mate. Next time I'm in Lancashire I'll buy you a 6 pack :D. So now I am done? nothing else to do? What about the Exclamation Point in the triangle bit. (i've seen a fellow on youtube with a bit of thing (bluetooth like usb thingy) that made it dissapear.)
    Do I now have access to everything in the phone?
    All clear and ready for me to f--k it up? :D

    Also, as a sidenote, when i went in the All tab you said about, there were loads of freaking apps, what's that all about, I haven't installed all those.

    In the big ugly thread I made in the beginning, i had some other questions as well, can you help me out with those matey?. Thank you SOO MUCH for this.
  17. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    Yes check post #2 in the rooting guide to get rid of the yellow triangle. You will need the stock kernel (KH3) from the samsung firmware page.

    The big list of apps are the apps installed with the firmware. Some can be removed, some you need to keep, there is a list on this forum somewhere.

    I will have at look at your other questions soon, just nipping out for dinner :)
  18. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have peace of mind now.
    I hope you enjoy you dinner. I hope this is the best dinner you ever ate :p. Thank you soo much for taking the time to help a noob like me.
  19. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    Some common terms here

    Depends on your taste, Popular roms are Villain, Revolution and Litening
    If you want to stick with standard firmware then KH3 is one of the best.

    Root gives you access to parts on your phone that are otherwise secure. You can remove system apps, over/underclock CPU, Flash themes, tweaks and custom roms etc.

    Install Go Launcher from the market.

    XDA is best for updates.


    Its not something you have to do, some people do it, some people don
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  20. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok...so when i go in storage I see:
    SD card - unavailable - I don't have one.
    USB storage - 11.50 GB
    Device Memory - 1.75.

    how, what, why, ETC. Where do apps instal themselves, or can i choose where.
    I still don't understand the folder system (or tree, or whatever)
    Just want to know what is system (something like windows folders, nothing interesting in them) and what is app folder, ini file folder or stuff like that. :D
  21. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    Apps get installed on the "Device Memory" Some apps allow you to move them to the sd card if you have one
    If you use the "my files" app this starts you in the /sdcard (internal not external)
    None of the folders in here are critical to the system so you can use them as you please. Some apps store cache and data in here so deleting them may cause you to loose saved info so beware.
    To browse system folders you need a root file manager from the market.
  22. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just got that, called Root Explorer 2.16.
    Now looking for a list of default apps that can be removed safely.
    Any ideas?
    Looking to have some really good apps on my phone. useful too.
  23. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

  24. ningirsu.ka

    ningirsu.ka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i bet that took a lot of time to put together. Hope they got something in return for it. Thank you soo much mate.

    Can you also recommend me a system app uninstaller? ...I've seen a lot around, but i'm so undecided, ratings are even more confusing :(. Thank you man. What would I have done without your help...
  25. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    Yes, Titanium backup :)

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