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Jul 30, 2012
Chicago IL
Canonical is at it this time with a Indiegogo campaign to try to raise 32 Million dollars for their new device, the Ubuntu Edge, a phone with some amazing high hardware, that will shame the phones we have today...

Their goal, as they say, is not to get into the phone market, but they want to push the market a lot faster than the pace its at today. Anyhow the phone and its software look amazing, but too high buck for me. What do you all thing of this?

Ubuntu Edge | Indiegogo
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I'm not sure of the point of this. I was running Ubuntu in parallel on my phone back in 2011, no need to dual boot.

But it looks interesting. I'll be interested to see what it will really end up being, if they deliver something.
It looks good but I don't know if crowd funding will be effective, and the smartphone market is moving really quickly. Look at the Antutu of the GS3 and then compare it to the Antutu of the GS4 one year later
Wow, an 8 core phone? I think that's what they are aiming for, the really high spec phones.

The ones mentioned are low-quality cores.

Give it something that doesn't involve a lot of small tasks at once and any of the high quality quads will leave it far behind.
Even some of duals would kill it.

Why are the 8 cores lower quality?

So that it doesn't need to be liquid cooled and powered by a car battery.
Personally speaking, I'd be more interested if it was a large screen tablet format, or something like the padfone phone/tablet convertible. Something that small I'd rather have a good smartphone. Now if they want to come out with a phone/tablet/destop convertible then they'd be talking.
I'm inclined to agree, I'd like to see a tablet with Ubuntu. Definitely if they have a p processor from Qualcomm. The Snapdragon processors have become my favorite. So I'd be happy with 2gb RAM, expandable memory, Snapdragon, 32gb internal memory. Screen size anywhere from 8-12 inches. I think that would put them in a market that isn't already swamped by smartphones. I think there may be more room to open up in the tablet market.