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Ubuntu on android [DEV ONLY]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by android155, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. android155

    android155 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

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  2. android155

    android155 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I didnt test it myself, :p Please anyone, check it out n tell me naa ! :D
  3. firoz

    firoz Well-Known Member

    Buddy ,
    where you want to install ubuntu ?
    If U want to install it on MMX a75,how it will be possible?
    The size of ubuntu is around 700mb. from where u will get that space?

    Yeah ,rather U can think of puppylinux to install it on MMx a75.This is the smallest linux Os of size below 100mb
  4. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Android Expert

    Ubuntu is possible on android devices including A75...it rests on sdcard...
  5. android155

    android155 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes, we can u boot from SD card....hope u r aware of it....we can also try to dual boot ubuntu and android! :)
  6. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Is this really possible if YES then please let me know how i can do it???
  7. Shrikant716

    Shrikant716 Android Enthusiast

    it is not able to install..........this is the error i got on terminal emulator ....

    sh-3.2$ export PATH=/data/local/bin:$PATH sh-3.2$ cd /sdcard sh-3.2$ su <files/bootscript.sh /sdcard/ubuntu.img reloc_library[1342]: 3820 cannot locate 'android_reboot'... CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE Checking loop device... FOUND reloc_library[1342]: 3828 cannot locate 'android_reboot'... CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE mount: can't read '/etc/fstab': No such file or directory No user defined mount points net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1 reloc_library[1342]: 3831 cannot locate 'android_reboot'... CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE Segmentation fault (core dumped) Shutting down Linux ARM umount: can't umount /data/local/mnt/root/cfg: Invalid argument umount: can't umount /data/local/mnt/external_sd: Invalid argument sh-3.2#
  8. firoz

    firoz Well-Known Member

    Ok brothers,

    But will the poor ram of MMX be able to run that smoothly?
    Also if we can install ubuntu on MMXa75 then puppylinux can also be installed
    on our phone.This may give the best performance being the smallest linux OS.
  9. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Does puppy linux has all the features what linux has and can be used instead of linux???
  10. firoz

    firoz Well-Known Member

    Puppy linux is one of the top linux distribution just like ubuntu ,fedora,mint etc specially designed for
    old pc which have low ram and outdated weak processors.It has almost every thing that a linux dist has.The latest puppylinux is of 129mb .It does not posses graphics like ubuntu.

    If any one want to test it use YUMI linux usb installer .It creates a bootable pen drive for any linux dist.
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  11. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    I need to know can we use it on our phone and also can anyone tell me do we need to switch between linux and android to use phone or we will have phone on that also.
  12. saivignesh

    saivignesh Android Expert

    I think there is no use of Ubuntu or puppy Linux for normal users in our a75
  13. firoz

    firoz Well-Known Member

    Buddy ,as Android is also a version of linux OS designed for mobiles.What is the need of an OS which is not particularly for mobiles .one may face problems such
    as there no inbuild option for call-making in any linux dist.also, you may not find same no of free apps as in android market.
  14. saivignesh

    saivignesh Android Expert

    will touch screen work?
  15. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    That means android market has apps which supports linux???
  16. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    This is the big question as if linux should have the support for touch screen if not then how can we use it on the phone so so it has???

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