Accessories UE Megaboom only getting 3.5 hours on high volume


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Short version: Is anyone else not getting anywhere near the supposed battery life for this device?

Longer version: I just bought the UE Megaboom yesterday. I've been excited for this purchase for awhile, putting aside some cash for it, waiting for the day. Unboxed it, played around with it, everything was great. I charged it up fully and took it out with me on a group bike fun ride. Since we were a little spread out, I put the volume toward the higher end of the range. We were out and about for the entire afternoon, 5 hours or so all told.

It wasn't on for the whole trip, only about 3.5 hours or so, maybe 4, but it was dead after that. I can understand not getting 20 hours for the loudest settings, but 3 - 4 hours?

So far the only confirmation I've found through searching is at this link

with the following post from a support specialist:

Re: UE Megaboom battery life at max volume?

‎06-09-2015 06:58 AM

Hi Xopher90,

The battery life of the UE Megaboom varies depending the on the settings that you are using. If you are using Bluetooth connection and the volume at max level then the 3.5 hours battery life of the speaker is normal. To get the 20 hours battery life, set the volume at mid-levels (40-50%) and use analog connection instead of Bluetooth. This type of connection reduces the power consumption of the speakers from the battery.

Hope this information helps.

Was I expecting too much? $200 seems like a lot to shell out for a portable bluetooth speaker that only gets the promoted battery life when not being a portable or on bluetooth :-\


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You need a few complete charge/discharge cycles before you can get a more accurate battery performance. I wouldn't worry about your first charge out of the box. Charge it up again and let it play until it completely dead. A few charge cycles and you will see an improvement. I had my UE Boom for a few years, and no battery complaints.