UFC 117 Predictions?


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I can't really support or stand Silva with the way he has been acting in the octagon the last several fights, mocking people and just making himself look like a complete idiot but I honestly think he is one of the best fighters in the world and I dont think Sonnen will be able to win. Don't get me wrong, I would be completely elated if Sonnen pulls in the upset and I want Sonnen to win I just dont think it will happen.

Matt Hughes, I honestly want him to win just so he can claim another win over one of the Gracie students since he's pretty much beaten all of them and the family.

Roy Nelson, wow, Big Country, I would love to see Junior Dos Santos knock him the eff out, nothing against Roy Nelson, I think he's a decent fighter but I really just dont like the guy.

Clay Guida is always an exciting fighter to watch, he puts on a damn good show and goes balls to the wall the entire fight.

Fitch vs Thiago Alves should be good. Fitch is a pretty damn good fighter IMO but Thiago Alves is a beast, I just want to see a good show, no pref on the win.

Anyone else a UFC/MMA fan, thoughts, comments, etc?!?


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I'm mainly looking forward to the Fitch vs Alves rematch. Given I'm a Pitbull fan (I like his ethic), I'm pulling for him to come out on top.

Sonnen is pretty much talking a lot to sell the fight, but outside of something random happening, I don't see him doing much, and neither do I want him to be the one who takes out Silva. I actually don't have anything against Silva's recent octagon antics, but I would like to see Silva lose to Shogun in a super fight, to reaffirm Rua's place among the elite.

All in all its a good card, but I don't have any stock/favorites in the rest of it.


Also really looking forward to Fitch/Alves...love both fighters, and if it wasn't for GSP this would be a welterweight title fight. Both men are solid as hell, and though Fitch is who I'd like to see win, I have a feeling Alves will pull this one out in decision.

As for Silva/Sonnen, I'm kind of repeating everyone, but I don't see how Silva can lose. I lost a ton of respect for Silva after his last outing and his completely disrespectful antics, but the guy can flat out fight at a world class level. I don't see how Sonnen can hang with him, barring a BIG mistake by Silva.

For the rest of the card, I'm looking forward most to the Guida/dos Anjos fight, just because Clay just goes out and gives 200% everytime he's in the octagon. This should be a real fight of the night candidate.