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ugh, lte baseband unknown error

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cafonez, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. cafonez

    cafonez Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I know I have to take it back to Metro, I have had the phone less than a month, so sad. I hope the metro corporate store does not give me any issues with my return. I need a phone ASAP and I cannot wait for one to come in or be mailed. So upset no 4g signal and I did not do anything crazy to my phone, the back just got really hot, the internet froze it rebooted by itself and bam the baseband became unknown.

    whyyyyy samsung...sorry so upset because i loved this phone.

    Update: Took it to metro first thing this morning at a corp store, at first the lady at the counter tried to insist it is a boot error and tried to do a software reset, I explained after reading samsung forums I have tried to factory wipe 3 seperate times and the phone is less than a month old. She went and spoke to a man handling phone returns and he explained to her there were issues with some samsung phones and verified the baseband is unknown on ee07... so I have to wait until friday to get my replacement phone. Hope it doesnt happen again....

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  2. OnyxJay

    OnyxJay Guest

    Just out of curiosity, when was your phone made? It should have a date under the battery. Mine came with LTE ED15 and CDMA EE07 and was produced 9/11. I didn't get a OTA update, it was just like this when I opened the box. Of course, I've ODIN'd mine a few times (Tried Basix, it was OK.) And still no foul ups. I'm just wondering if these new models are coming with the newest firmware out of the box and maybe you just got old stock?
  3. cafonez

    cafonez Newbie
    Thread Starter

    battery date 7 23 2011 i wonder if the authorized reseller did an OTA update on my phone before I picked it up. he had it opened and out of the box charging when I picked it up. When I picked it up the cdma was ee07 and lte ed15
  4. OnyxJay

    OnyxJay Guest

    Hmm that is strange. I would assume (yes, I know, bad practice) that the update wouldn't get pushed if the current version is already installed. It should check that automatically before even being downloaded. Since your phone was on and charging before you picked it up, that seems suspicious to me. I've never seen any dealer do that. But I guess in the future if you have to go buy a phone, make sure it's fresh out of the box, no if's and's or but's. Best of luck!

    Also I wouldn't be so sure you were the first owner. Chances are someone bought it, didn't like it, and returned it within 7 days and 30 minutes of talk time. Time to check the original date of activation (##786#) and see if it matches up with your paperwork (that yellow slip you get when activating a phone.) Something seems shady.
  5. cafonez

    cafonez Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Shows the same day I got it as activation...however the guy was a little shady only one opened thanksgiving

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