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Jan 1, 2010
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ok i DID search and tried doing what i read, but i think i have gone crazy with my lack of success.

Voicemail icon...
yes i use Goog voice.
yes i have Verizon Voicemails in the voicemailbox
NO i cannot seem to connect to my Verizon Voicemailbox to delete.......

i deactivated Voice, still goes to googVoice when i *86.
in my settings it list "My carrier" instead of voice

i am rooted but i dont think this had bearing on the issue.

help? my brain hurts :thinking:
You are going to have to disable the call forwarding to your Google VoiceMail first. I believe you have to dial *73. If that doesn't work, try these two...*900 AND/OR *920

Here is another thread talking about it, if it helps...

How do you deactivate Google voicemail from a verizon cell phone - Google Voice Help

edit: More info from Google...

Deleting your phone from Google Voice will not actually prevent your voicemail calls from going to Google voicemail. In order to switch back to your carrier's voicemail and deactivate your Google voicemail on your phone, click the Settings link at the top right of the Google Voice page. Then, select the Phones tab and click on Edit. Select Deactivate voicemail and follow the prompts.
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This was one of the many GV issues I was experiencing. I never got it resolved. I ended up having VZ change my phone number, thus ending my marriage to GV.

I still feel soiled w/ the whole GV incident ....
*73 disables conditional fowarding.

*71 activates conditional forwarding. Just dial it in the dialer followed by your GV number.
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I think you just have to add the number (if you deleted it), and then click on the link next to your mobile number to Activate Google Voicemail on this phone. It will tell you to dial a *71xxx-xxx-xxxx number on your phone. (Under Settings - Phones)

I don't think you set the Google Voicemail wrong. I have read on a few other threads where the random Verizon Voicemails come through.
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