Root Ughh my phone went back to stock recovery

Now when it boots it keeps saying "starting apps" and NEVER starting them. I have the b11 update on my sdcard it wont work nor will factoty reset nor will adb since i cant turn on usb debugging nor do i have a warrenty. Is there really no zip i can flash with stock recovery? Sigh i had cwm it just switched to stock for no damn reason this sucks


Android Expert
sadly no, my tool requires adb access to kick the phone into fastboot mode

the b11 and b09 roms in their original form are made to kill cwm, so if you dont go into cwm and make it disable recovery flashing when you hit reboot youll be back on stock recovery as soon as it starts to load. and sadly there are not now nor will there ever be stock flashable zips. unless zte decides to get really generous and give us their secret code...

your only real options are, pray you can con walmart into exchanging it, or the more likely, call zte, tell them their update broke your phone, avoid mentioning any modifications you may have made and act dumb if they ask about the warranty or the date of purchase, and they will probably just replace it for you