Uhm, what time is it on Sprint servers?


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I just noticed that my phone is 9 minutes ahead of every other clock in my house, despite the fact that I had them all synced with my phone!

Anyone else seeing a discrepancy?

Edit: Correction, not all of my clocks were synced with my phone. My computer clock does its own thing, as does my digital cable box clock, both of which are the same and 9 minutes behind my phone.

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Yeah I was having the same issue I live on the east coast up on lake Erie and everytime I restarted my phone it went back too normal but my phone was minutes behind or hours ahead!?!?


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I have an HTC phone - Evo, but not running HTC Sense. So it must be related to HTC Sense getting its time from a server with incorrect time. Never knew that - so very very interesting info!!

Another reason Gingerbread ROM CM7 rocks. :)

I'm running the exact same setup. Time is "dead-on balls accurate" - My Cousin Vinny.

Better 11 minutes early than 11 minutes late. :)

I LOL'd.