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Dec 8, 2009
Blackpool, UK
I've had my Hero for a few days now and am wondering about the update to 2.x. I'm on 3, who supplied the phone, so my question is - will I be able to update my Hero via the HTC site when it's made available, or will I be held to ransom by 3 and have to wait for them to offer their own version of an update?

(I didn't post this in the 3 forum, because nobody appears to read or post in it)
I'm with orange and I have to wait for them.
So I would imagine it would be the same with three.
I'm with tmobile and like the last update you have to wait a little longer for them to release their version, hopefully not as long this time but I shall be waiting patiently for it.
Is there any way I can 'ditch' my Hero's dependency on 3? I don't like the idea of being tied to them for updates and all that (had that problem with my N95).