Dec 10, 2009
I am a UK resident looking to purchase an Android powered phone soon. I have been looking at the Hero but was wandering if anything to rival or beat it is coming out over the next few months? I am very new to the Android scene and any help or advice would be appreciated.
Get it now. Waiting for new tech to come out is an endless cycle - you will wait for Passion now, then when it comes out, rumors will start that Motorola/Samsung/Sony are planning some new amazing Android device, then when that comes out, something new will be on the horizon. You will wait forever.
Probably I'd say the same, I've had my hero about 2 months and wouldn't change it for the world. Theres still plenty of life in it, and considering we should be getting android 2.1 soon, things can only get better with it.

Plus dima makes a good point, there is always something better round the corner, we can't wait forever!
I hate it when you buy something.......your return days have passed so you can't return it..... Something better comes out in the News or the Shops

Some like something breaks shortly after the Warranty runs out :rolleyes:

Back to the OP...... I have to agree you will be waiting around forever but their are some good and powerful handsets currently available including the Motorola Milestone at Expansy's {Latest running 2.0}, the Acer A1 Liquid {Has a snapdragon processor} , The HTC Hero , The HTC Magic , the pulse :)
I am in the UK. I am waiting for the Bravo. It has everything I want in a phone. Nothings going to stop me from getting that phone. I know April is a long time away but great things come to those who wait. Here's a list of of upcoming androids from HTC. The legend appears as a successor to the hero, though the only reason I can imagine picking legend over bravo is a lower price. The legend is considerably thinner then the hero and has a much better screen (AMOLED>>TFT).