UK carrier question


Im really new to the Android scene (still got my Iphone but am about to swap it for an HTC Desire) so I do apologise if this is a stupid question.

Ive been doing a lot of research and came across something on the net that said the phones have different options depending on which carrier the phone is with.

My Sim card at the moment is o2 and the phone will be T mobile (UK).

Ive found that I can unlock it but after seeing the above I was wondering if I'll have to root it and install a new Rom (perhaps o2??)

again i'm sorry if any of the wording is out on the technical side. I have a jailbroken Iphone so I kinda get this rooting thing but at the same time don't.

I am planning on rooting my Desire but I didnt particularly want to start messing about with Roms while I don't fully understand them but if my phone wont work then I know I'll have to.

any ideas on this?



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if its unlocked you wont have to install a new rom or root it. youll just have to manually put in the o2 network settings for 3g.

as long is its not simlocked then you should be fine


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+1 for the above. Sim free and unlocked will be a pure desire without the bloatware. All carries put different stuff on their roms so they will be slight differences. CPW are all sim free and unlocked.