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UK razr XT910 Update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Szadzik, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Hi All,

    It seems we are getting the update too. I read some posts on XDA saying people are getting OTA.

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  2. geemacd

    geemacd Well-Known Member

    Me that started that thread yesterday

    Got it yesterday, do a search for it as I wasn't notified it was waiting
  3. Powersurge

    Powersurge Member

    My UK Razr got it yesterday (though I'm in Germany), going from 653.73.17.Retail.en.EU to 653.73.30.en.EU. I can't really say what has improved yet, as I haven't been able to use it that much, but at least the almost mandatory FC of phone.android.com at boot didn't occur when coming up from the update.

    One negative thing is that the update installs at least three new apps that you can't uninstall: Evernote, Kindle and a trial version of "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit"

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