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Feb 17, 2011
North Dakota
What do backup apps do for an android? My search of the web says that they only back up data. Is there one app that will not only back up my data but also all of the apps installed on the phone? So that when I move to a new device it will basically mirror what was on my old phone on to my new phone? I would pay money to have such an app - but free is always good :)
i use Samsung's Smart Switch, but it only works with samsung devices. and it does not backup all of my apps data. most apps and their data are proprietary and most will not allow other apps to backup its data. some will and some will not so it depends on the apps being backed up. most of my games that i play on my z fold 4 have servers online so my progress is always saved elsewhere and not on the phone. i can just hop on my new device and log in to restore my progress.

titanium backup was the only true app that can backup all apps and their data, but it only works on rooted phones. it must be noted that the devs for the app has stopped supporting the app a few years ago so it may or may not work on newer devices.