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Umm, Big help click here.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OmgItsRudy., Aug 12, 2010.

  1. OmgItsRudy.

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    Ok so im getting my phone (The Cliq) About this monday i wanna know when i get it, should i turn it on and start using it or do i HAVE to charge it first, i have this HORRIBLE, behold 1 from T-mobile it dies on me when im on the phone after 10 minutes! :( and when i'm on the phone it acts like its still on my face when i try to text and its all black. ANYWAYS back to the motorola cliq People have had diffuculties, and stuff and im really LOVING this phone and i haven't even got it Yet!! Tell me what are the best apps, (mostly Free) and other, Tell me what to do, because i dont wanna mess the phone up Right when i get it. i would probably cry. :':)mad: Please help

  2. spyderman

    spyderman Member

    Hands down the weirdest post in a while... Somebody get this boy his Ritalin...
  3. dmkjr

    dmkjr Newbie

    Sir, please step away from any sharp objects that may be in your area. Please lay down on the floor (carpeted), lay flat now.... I hope someone is around that can perform the next task for you, if not you may do it yourself, but again please be careful. Use your cell phone (a padded one would be better, if you had one readily available), call the nearest center for help. What kind of help you ask? Well, I'm not a doctor, so I'm not able to readily identify what the issues are, but there is definitely something going on here.

    Please be careful, and let us all know how this works for you.

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