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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rick Wymer, Oct 6, 2020.

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    I'm on the Lifeline Program for 911 Access via a Cell Phone provided by the Government. The Phone I was issued is a UMX U693CL. The issue I encountered that has Me (Basic Lo-Level Noob on Phones), & Assurance Wireless Tech Support is that the Phone Will Not Send Text Messages on the Messages APP, or Messaging APP (2 separate APPs). Yet Facebook Messenger works great. We've Reset the Phone, and Carrier a few times, still no work. Also when You Open up "About Phone", Phone Number says: Unknown. Now Tech Support wants to Call me on my Landline and do a complete OEM Factory Reset. Is that Really Needed?? Can anyone come up with a Solution to these Issues?? I was told to Back-Up my Contacts, & Photos that was transferred to this Phone from my Old ANS UL40 that Died. Then They would walk me through the Reset. I think this is rather Extreme for a New Phone isn't it?? I Have a Sandisc SD Chip installed too if Needed (Not sure How to Work it though)....

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    A factory reset is basically a generic fix-all for Android.

    Unfortunately, it is rather annoying for the user, as the phone will essentially be started all over again- everything you have put onto it and all of your settings will be erased.

    You will be starting all over.

    First, you may just want to try starting your messaging apps over instead.

    (all apps)
    (show system)

    Find your messaging apps, and clear the caches.

    Be sure to double check which one is chosen as the Default Messaging App.

    Try it again.

    If it still won't work, then go back as before and clear the data of the messaging apps.

    All of your settings for those apps will need to be reset.

    Try it again.

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