Un-Root Problem

Right, here goes. I have an S6 that was originally on Vodaphone. I paid for an unlock code and that worked fine and was then on the 3 network. I rooted the phone, that worked OK too. Months later I wanted to unroot, so using odin and the md5 file - CP-920FXXU3DPB6_QB8569466_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 went about unrooting. File flashed ok but now I have no network service on 3. I believe I used the correct md5 file, but now unsure. Can someone please help. Do I have to unroot with an vodaphone md5 file or can I use the BTU file for this as its unlocked?
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James L

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You have to use Vodafone firmware.
If you want to unroot and then debrand the device which is essentially what the btu firmware does then that's easy.

Might just be apn settings, hard to say at this point in time.


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Thankyou. Would that be the latest Voda phone firmware? So I have to reinstall this and then I will be able to de-brand using the btu firmware. Is that correct?.