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unable to change a contact number, text issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Amaroth, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Amaroth

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    So I have had many android phones, and many non android phones. I was always able to keep all of my contacts on every one. One of my friends who I text a lot always had +1 at the beginning of his number. I have had no troubles texting him on any phone before except for the Droid X. For some reason, whenever I try to text him it gives me an error and 'text message not sent'. I edited his number in the contact list to remove the +.
    I can send a text if I go to his contact info and send it from that screen, but the phone just WONT update the contact number on the actual text messaging app. So whenever he texts me, my phone still displays the + in the phone number, and when I try to reply, it gives me the error.
    I tried completely deleting his contact info from my phone, and re added it, also tried using a different name for the contact.. but my phone for some reason seems to be keeping the number with the + stored somewhere deep in my phone because no matter what i do to change it I cannot reply to his texts unless I send it through the contact info screen.

    does any of this make sense? Basically I am unable to change the contact number for my friend. It is making me pretty mad.
    He texts me and the phone number it shows is +1-555-555-5555. Even though his contact info says 5555555555. I cant reply or send a text to the +1 number, but it keeps showing me that number in the text message screen no matter what i do to the contact info.

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