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unable to connect wired headset when bluetooth radio is on

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by krushnarath, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Model: Samsung Galaxy GT-I9003
    Firmware version: 2.3.6
    Baseband version: I9003DDKP4
    Kernel version: dpi@DELL144#1
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.DDKP3

    1. Establish a call with audio via bluetooh headset.
    2. Let us assume Bluetooth headset power goes off.
    3. Connect a wired headset to phone
    4. Switch the audio to speaker phone.
    5. Switch the audio to Headset.

    At step#5, the mobile phone is forcing me to connect to bluetooh headset (ISSUE 1)
    If I switch off the bluetooth radio signal on call then if i force the audio termination to headset then my mobile phone forcing me to enable bluetooth (ISSUE 2)

    Expected result of a customer:
    Its a simple logic that whenever a end user wants to terminate audio path to any audio termination on an existing call then the end user should be allowed to that particular audio termination.
    This is a very bad experience in such a high end mobile phone. This is really disappointing.
    Please have a look and test in your lab and give us a fix for this.

    I appreciate your immediate attention.


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