unable to download app droid scale no button


I was trying to download scale app. But when I open it I don't see abutton or anything to touch to download it.Isn't there supposed to be something that says download now? I tried touching on funny looking black square it says no ID found.I have a samsung moment. It seems to be fine,any suggestions?
I am running an Motorola Droid 1.
I was able to get the download buttons back by uninstalling the updates to the Market and then download the apps I wanted before the market auto updated again.

To temporarily uninstall updates:
Settings:applications;manage applications and choose "all" at the top.
Scroll down and select Market
Choose "uninstall updates" and say "OK" or "uninstall" to any other messages that appear during the process.
When you open the Market again it will come up as the old style and you will have to agree to the terms and conditions.
You will NOT have to add your user information again.

Download the apps you want...but note that after about 15 minutes, the Market will auto update to the new style where you will not see the download button on some apps again.

Only takes about 3 minutes to complete, so it's not too bad.