unable to download apps from google play on android mediaplayer


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Hey, I just bought a hd media player from aldi (Australia) and it comes with android 4.2. The brand is cocoon or possibly winplus. It's hard to know with these generic things.

So it seems to be working ok with the pre loaded apps, but using the google play store, every time I try to download an app, it downloads but then while it says installing, it then comes up with an error, unknown application error 110

I've cleared the cache, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

Ps starting new thread because I can't see any specifically about any media players or any solutions

Mr. Lucky

Android Expert
If this is the device you are referring to, the problem is probably related to the very small internal storage (8GB, of which a good chunk is already taken up by the OS and pre-installed apps). FWIW, others are reporting download issues and/or the 110 error (see http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2321452) - no conclusions reached, but I think it is related to the storage space.

Mr. Lucky

Android Expert
I have no first-hand knowledge of the device, but from what I surmised reading the two pages I linked to previously (i.e., "8GB Internal Storage expandable via microSD card or USB port"), root is not necessary. Just add a formatted microSD or flash drive. Any special requirements or steps should be described in documentation that came with it.