Help unable to download. content not supported on device.

hi all. new to the sgh-i777 and recently rooted to get root access. i have installed siyah kernel 3.4.2 which i understand is not a rom but a modded kernel to get me access and over/underclock capabilities. i am wanting to install custom roms now but when i try and download a rom for i777 it gives me the " unable to download. content not supported on device."....
i have no idea what to do from here. any help would be much appreciated. my device is working fine though.


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I take it you are trying to download it directly onto your phone. That's one of the idiosyncrasies of the stock browser, it needs to be able to open the file to download it and it doesn't know what to do with compressed archives (.zip or .tar.) Download the files to your desktop and then copy them to the root of your sd card.