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Unable to Download from App Market

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Antonyjwilliams, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Antonyjwilliams

    Thread Starter

    Hi All
    Up Until two days ago the market app worked fine then for no aparent reason now only goes as far as starting download and goes no further. I have enen tried a factory reset losing everything but it still wont download anything. This is the same over wifi or 3g. Any one got any ideas? Does yours still work?

  2. ramsbo

    ramsbo Lurker

    I have been having the same problem. Also Gmail won't auto check mail.
    This was the problem that happened when changing from googlemail to gmail . Changing back fixed this. However no such change this time .

    Was strange just now, I turned on WiFi and some apps downloaded that I was trying to get, so thought was ok. However on trying again no such luck WiFi or 3g.
  3. ramsbo

    ramsbo Lurker

    Double posted
  4. DOBBIN64

    DOBBIN64 Newbie

    i'm having the same problem just goes to downloading and stays there been like that for 12hrs now been having this prob allweek one download took over 24hrs . one thing i have noticed there is no download icon on the top left of the screen like i used to get ???
  5. iango

    iango Newbie

    Same here. Won't update pre installed apps too. Come on Google sort it out !
  6. uzetaab

    uzetaab Android Enthusiast

    I have these sorts of problems too. switching between wifi-3g sometimes works. Restarting the phone also sometimes works.

    I have no idea what causes it or how to fix it though. maybe someone else has an idea?
  7. cultor

    cultor Member

    I always have this. I want to install an app from the market, start downloading and hangs on "starting download"
    I cancel it after 2 minutes or so and restart and then after a while it finally downloads, this is been happening from day 1.
  8. Outrunner

    Outrunner Lurker

    I've just started having the same problem, this weekend.
  9. karlj2002

    karlj2002 Lurker

    Same problem here. I've read on other forums that it can be as a result of changing a googlemail.com address to a gmail one, but I've only ever had the former. Not really sure what to do!
  10. Outrunner

    Outrunner Lurker

    My googlemail changed around 3 weeks ago, so that maybe it. Just checked the phone, it's still set to Googlemail. I'll try changing it and see it it makes a difference.

    How do you delete the Googlemail account, without a factory reset?
  11. DOBBIN64

    DOBBIN64 Newbie

    i,ve never used my googlemail account.
  12. Loggerheads

    Loggerheads Lurker

    I know five people with Desire's only one person has had this problem so far. The only way we got it working again was to reset the phone and setup a new googlemail account. I read many google forums about this problem here:

    Technical Help - Android Market Help

    We tried all of the following fixes to no avail.
    we cleared all relevant caches
    a) "Checkin Service" then select "clear data"
    b) "Download Manager" then select "clear data"
    c) "Google Apps" then "clear data"
    d) "Google Talk Service" then select "clear data"
    e) " Market" then select "clear cache"
    this step worked for 5 minutes and then the problem started again.
    we reset the phone and used his current google account. which didn't work
    we used wi-fi and 3g
    we took out the battery and sim

    the only step we didnt try was to turn his @googlemail.com into @gmail.com as some people have also suggested this.

    This problem seems to happen to many users on different carriers and for no apparent reason :thinking: Hope you manage to sort it out!
  13. ramsbo

    ramsbo Lurker

    I still had no luck today, so decided to try the Hard reset. This didnt work, so i changed my mail from googlemail to gmail then did hard reset and now all works like it should.

    Really annoyed i had to all this but at least its working as intended :p

    PS my actually email was googlemail, so i wasnt using wrong email on my phone.
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  14. karlj2002

    karlj2002 Lurker

    Thanks ramsbo. Changed from a googlemail address to a gmail one, then did a factory reset. Set the phone up using the updated address and it's worked! Let's hope it stays this way!
  15. Antonyjwilliams

    Thread Starter

    Working now I had to change from googlemail to gmail and factory set the phone now all i've got to do is set it all back up now.

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