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Unable to download or update any application ("Download Unsuccessful")

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pwens, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. pwens

    pwens Lurker
    Thread Starter

    For about 1 week (can't remember when it started), I've been unable to update any existing applications, nor download any new applications.

    I have spent no fewer than 8 hours trying to resolve this.

    When I attempt to do so (using the Android Market application), the download/update dialog/progress bar appears for a couple of seconds, then the status quickly changes to "Download unsuccessful", and the progress bar disappears. Same behavior when I try to update (including use of the "Update All" button for the multiple applications I have waiting for an update).

    I have tried almost EVERY remedy that is out there on the internet - including all of the following, which have failed to resolve:
    * Install apps through a computer's web browser, selecting to push to my phone (same behavior - the push will start the download on the phone, but it will fail)
    * Rebooting the phone
    * Battery pull
    * Made sure that storage space on phone was sufficient and available
    * Unmounting and re-mounting the SD card
    * Unmounting the SD card and leaving it that way
    * Physically removing the SD card
    * Deleting the temporary files from within the .android_secure folder (it was empty anyway)
    * Deleting the SD Card folder .android_secure
    * Signing into the Google Talk application
    * Signing into the Google Talk application, signing out, and signing in again after 10 minutes
    * Clearing cache from all applications beginning with the word Market
    * Clearing cache from the Download Manager application
    * Trying to download/update over WiFi
    * Trying to download/update over 3G data
    * Turning all the antennas (airplane mode) on and off again
    * Going to Settings > Applications > Manage applications, locating the Market in the list of apps and then tapping the button that says Uninstall updates (I don't have any "Uninstall Updates" button)
    * In Date & Time Settings, disabled the Auto Update option and set date and time manually
    * In Date & Time settings, ENABLED Auto Update from network option

    Here are the internet remedies that I have NOT yet attempted:
    * Reformatting the SD card (trying to avoid this)
    * Factory Reset (definitely don't want to go through this trouble of re-doing everyhting on my phone)
    * Creating a new Google/Gmail account (this is not an option for obvious reasons)

    My phone's set up:
    * HTC Droid Incredible 2
    * Verizon Wireless (CDMA 3G coverage plentiful)
    * Gingerbread 2.3.3
    * Stock - no ROMs
    * Have had phone since June 20 2011

    Does anyone have a real working solution for this problem? Please? Very frustrating.

    This is resolved by means of Factory Data Reset. Unfortunately, I had to bite the bullet and do it. It was a pain in the ass to restore everything, but that was the only thing that resolved it.

    I finally chose to do so after getting in touch directly with Google Support. They thought the root cause was a corrupted Market application on my device. I don't think it's acceptable that I have to perform a factory data reset because of 1 corrupted application. Poor design. Anyway, here's what the Google Support rep told me:



    Thanks for writing in. I appreciate the time you have spent on this issue.
    I definitely understand how frustrating it can be.

    I reviewed the steps you have taken already, and have some concern in one
    part. When you try to uninstall Market updates, the button is not
    available. This combined with the root issue points to a corrupt Market.
    Since Market is an integral part of your Android OS, a factory reset is
    the only way to correct the problem.

    You can minimize the hassle of re-doing everything on your phone. Before
    the factory reset, make sure that your contacts are synced to your Google
    account by signing into Gmail from a computer and verifying if your
    contacts appear there. If your contacts are not synced, then I recommend
    updating your sync settings at Settings > Accounts and Sync and choosing
    either AutoSync or touching the account you would like to sync and
    choosing "Sync Contacts."

    Along with syncing contacts, please back up any important application data
    and/or settings by navigating to Settings > Privacy and selecting "Back
    up my data'"and "Automatic restore."

    To perform a factory reset:

    1) Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy (or Phone storage; depends on
    the device)
    2) Press "Factory data reset"
    3) Press "Reset phone"

    After you perform the factory reset, make sure you sign into your device
    with the same primary Google Account you were using before. If you have
    any questions or concerns before performing the reset, or if doing so does
    not resolve the issue, please let me know so I can continue to investigate
    the issue.


    The Android Market Team


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  2. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    I had a similar problem ... had to do a "factory reset". The lucky thing for me is that I do a nand backup every week and only had to restore my last one to get everything working again.
  3. pwens

    pwens Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This is resolved via Factory Data Reset. Original post has been updated with details.
  4. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut?
    VIP Member

    Another factory reset success story :D

    Kinda sad in a way. I wish our phones didn't require this.
  5. BoBiGi

    BoBiGi Member

    I have had to factory reset twice...didn't like having to do it, but I was really relieved that I could do it :D

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