unable to move pictures to micro sd


Will only give me option to upload pictures and video to internet based sites or i can delete them just want to free up space by moving pictures and videos to micro sdcard can sombody give me some advice please :thinking: btw i have a hisense sero 7 pro 1 gb ram 8 gb rom help ?


Any file manager. Try ES File Explorer or Total Commander.
Good answer. ES File Explorer is very good. If you have a LAN in your home, with ESFE you can also transfer files via wireless to the Sero Pro. If you have lots of files, eg a music library, what Hisense told you is the way to go. You can also send files via Bluetooth from another device so equipped, again for few and small stuff.


ES File Explorer, so many options. Transfer to micro sdcard, OTG, Bluetooth, lan, cloud. OTG needs an otg cable and Nexus Media Importer to work but then you can keep a USB drive with your library. I have 1 each for movies, music, pictures and another for just files, like Roms and TWRP backups for safe keeping