Feb 14, 2011
I bought SE Xperia X10 Mini last week and tried playing some video files(loaded into memory card thro PC). But I am not able to see them in the list of files. So, I am not able to play them too... I created a new folder named "videos" in the same path where a folder "audio" was there already in the memory card using my PC. Can any one help me where ll these files be stored/how to play them???
Try putting them in the Video folder, not within the Audio file and sub folder you created.

I would suggest downloading a file manager too, Astro, Linda or ES are all good. This will allow you access to your SD card without the need to connect to your PC so you can move them around as they are already there but perhaps in the wrong place.

You could try downloading a third party player... Rockplayer has been highly recommended by some users, I have also tried Zimly. It could be that the file format is not compatible with the stock video player.