Oct 21, 2012
Hi there.

I have removed the SD Card just now, to copy some photos to my PC.

When I try re-inserting the card it now seems unable to recognise it.

When I first push it in it informs me 'Preparing SD Card', but when it clicks into position the phone 'reckons' I have no SD card inserted.

And yes I have got it in the correct way - in fact I think there is only one way of inserting it.

Has anyone any ideas? I have found useful help on this forum in the past.

It might be that your sd card got corrupted.
Do this-
Take backup on pc.
Format sd card
(Try to put sd card in phone to check if it is recognized)
Restore backup and try again.
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Thanks for this Praky, and I think your reply is spot on.

In fact it did recover after a few power downs and restarts.

However I noticed that a large number of photos had been wiped off the SD card.

Lucky I backed them up to the PC then!

Once again thanks for your reply.