Help Unable to stream video via Galaxy s3 DNLA TV


Hi Guys

I am currently trying to stream videos directly from Samsung galaxy S3 to my Sony Bravia KDL- 55HX800 which is connected to the same router. The tv is hard wired connected to router using a Cat5 cable....

I have watched and read a few youtube video tutorials and forums and have no answers after 5 day of trial and error,
i have downloaded the imediashare application on my phone but i get the following error:-

"the specified resources has a MIME-TYPE which is ot supported by the AVTransport service

I am able to stream music, pictures and the channels that come with Imediashare??

I have also tried streaming without imediashare by pressing the icon located above the video i get the following error:-

"Player is not available.Check the network stats and connected device

I have also checked that file sharing is enabled (enabled file sharing via) <settings> <more settings> <nearby devices> enables

Not sure what piece of Hardware is not compatible the TV,Router, or The galaxy s3 NOT connecting and streaming?

Does anyone have any fixes or howto's on getting my videos to stream from my portable device to my sony Bravia



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How are you doing it?

I can share both pictures and video fine to my XBMC using the gallery app. If you're not using the gallery app, can you test that by pressing the little screen with a 1 in it?


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I don't remember exactly what I did to get it going as it kind of worked from the start. Do you have mediashare lite app on your phone? That's what I'm using.


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You shouldnt need any other apps to share videos over DNLA though. The gallery / videoplayer does it already.