Dec 30, 2011
I installed a game called 'Block Breaker Deluxe 2 OD' .. now it just asks for money for full version. I cannot uninstall (option greyed out) - is there any way I can get rid of this without rooting or a factory reset?

Just to be sure didn't come with the phone right? If it is you will need to delete it using root. Since you said you have installed it you can try going to Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications and look for Block Breaker Deluxe 2 OD and hit the uninstall. Also i personally use "Easy Uninstaller" from the Market (free). You can try using this app if it helps.
Didn't come with phone, problem is that it doesn't show up under 'manage apps' ..... I've tried Easy Uninstaller & quite a few others and none of them see it. I also tried 'Shake' uninstaller, that gave me an option to uninstall, then it said 'program locked' !!!!!
As this is an issue with a certain game, not specific to the DHD, I'll move this to the games section. Hopefully other folk who've had this game will be able to provide assistance. :)

Have you tried contacting the dev?
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No details/clues who the dev is ... tried googling it, Gameloft do a similarly named one (not quite the same) so don't think it's their's, but good idea to try them, thanks. Because of the inability to uninstall, lack of details ... and it wants