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Unable to use Hudl, not connecting to WiFi at startup.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Khenu, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Khenu

    Khenu Lurker
    Thread Starter


    So as you can see, my Hudl is not connecting to WiFi at the start up screen where it asks you to connect to WiFi. I have tried resetting it by getting to the Recovery screen and resetting it but the problem is persisting. I have scanned and no networks are being picked up. I have been to different places to check if WiFi is being picked up but it is not.

    Can anyone help?


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  2. SteveDuk

    SteveDuk Newbie

    I'd take it back to Tesco, they'll be able to see in the shop that wifi isn't working.
  3. totalguy

    totalguy Newbie

    heard about a few with this probmem your best exchanging it. or atleast trying to connect to wifi somewhere else and update the hudl
  4. efjaydee

    efjaydee Newbie

    Is this a brand new Hudl, are you setting it up for the first time?

    If so I had this problem with my Hudl and the wife's. It seems to be a bug with the setup routine, but is fine once you get past it. If I recall, I had to try with the household wifi and mobile wifi hotspot and switched between the two. It took quite a few attempts and switching between networks to force it, but I got it onto the next step in the setup and it was fine thereafter.

    If you really can't do it, exchange it, but you may find the problem with that one too.
  5. totalguy

    totalguy Newbie

    i had no issues connecting to wifi but as above i know of people who have and rightly said once you update it the first time its fine then.
  6. philtop

    philtop Lurker

    hi had the same thing just about 2 weeks of using it ,rang up tesco they was great said i could have a new one,so reset it turn it on again just to try and it all working again ?? but still going to get the new one.

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