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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GNS1310, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. GNS1310

    GNS1310 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Haven't dropped the phone a single time.
    Only put in my empty back pocket a few times when walking around.
    Carry it in my hand 99% of the time....
    I have THREE scratches on my screen. You can barely, and I mean barely.. see them, but they look awful.
    Protect your phones guys and gals. I liked going "naked", thought the screen was tough, I was wrong. No clue how or when I got dinged up, but I'm not happy!!!

  2. sail4fun201

    sail4fun201 Guest

    Screen protectors are always a good investment.

    The ones that have a liquid that you apply them with usually eliminate the appearance of scratches because the liquid will fill the scratch when you apply them.
  3. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Android Expert

    These statements completely contradict each other. Either you can barely see them, and therefore, they are not awful. Or alternatively, they are awful, which means you can definitely see them.

    In any event, there's a reason I slapped a Verizon screen protector on the second I got the phone until a "better" one got released (I actually prefer the Verizon one over my current Clarivue in all respects except screen coverage). I don't ever believe a screen is 100% scratch-proof, so for the minor investment, it's worth throwing on a protector.
  4. Steven58


    I am not new to smartphones. I had two Windows Mobile phones (gag) before this one. So, yeah, I have the gradient cover with the Steinheil anti-fingerprint screen protector. I love them both.

    Take Sail's suggestion for you. I think it's a very good one!

  5. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Android Enthusiast

    I've been going naked (and intend to keep doing so). I also put my phone in an empty pocket, but one time I did put it in with a few coins. No scratches here. Seeing the video that was posted here a while back of the guy dropping coins on the phone, tapping it and scratching it with keys... and his came out scratchless. I can't imagine how yours inadvertently got three scratches on it. Seems like you'd have to TRY to scratch this. Or drop it.
  6. CM67

    CM67 Well-Known Member

    Keys, Coins or anything like that does not have the cutting power of plain old dirt.

    A few specs of dirt in your pocket, you are most likely carrying silica or sand grains which will scratch a screen like a diamond.

    I would love to see one of those guys take a spec of dirt out of their front yard and try the same test .. viola, it would be scratched.

    All it takes is one single grain of this and it could scratch the screen several times.
  7. rc121

    rc121 Newbie

    that's not necessarily the way that the screen gets scratched. For example, mine got scratched because I had some tiny spec of sand or grit or something on my finger and I touched the screen. I couldn't even see that I had anything on my finger but knew thats what it was after I saw what it did to the screen
  8. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Android Enthusiast

    Ahh, very good info about the dirt. Makes me reconsider whether or not to get a screen protector... Eh, I'll just make sure my pockets are clean. :)

    Here's a question. About how much would you guess these phones would sell for in two years? On ebay or craigslist or some such.

    (Reason I ask is that I hate putting cases and whatnot on these devices. Now if they have a high resale value, I'd put a case on it to keep it in pristine condition. But if they won't go for more than $100 I'd just assume use the device the way I like it and live with the wear and tear since I won't bother trying to sell the thing.)
  9. DenverRalphy

    DenverRalphy Android Enthusiast

    Ding Ding Ding! I bet I coulda guess when it happened.

    Seriously...common sense...

    Only thing that coulda made the whole negligence worse would be if you were to sit while it's in your back pocket.
  10. DenverRalphy

    DenverRalphy Android Enthusiast

    Next to nothing as newer devices would be selling dirt cheap. A 1 year old device sells 2 for 1 at $99.
  11. ptown434

    ptown434 Member

    Can you take a picture of the scratches. A pic at an angle where light is reflecting of the screen works.
  12. mario8267

    mario8267 Member

    Why not spend 20 bucks for ghost armor at best buy? It protects the hek out of the phone and you don't even kno its there! Just like being naked :)
  13. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Android Enthusiast

    Ah, knowing the phone will have practically no resale value in two years reassures me of my choice to stay naked.

    Although the Ghost Armor does look pretty non-existent.
  14. danielevans83

    danielevans83 Well-Known Member

    Practically no resale value? Not sure who told you that but that's pretty far from true. I sold my Droid Eris (after 6 months, in perfect condition) for $250 on eBay. I paid 0 for it after rebate, not bad. Then went ahead and purchased a DI at retail and it was only 50-60 more then a new subscriber overall. Worth every freaking penny. In 6-12 months when they have the next Android phones out, I'm sure I'll do something similar and get a nice resale value from my DI in perfect condition.

    This is the principal you use with cars; do you want to ignore your car and run it into the ground until it's completely destroyed? Or do you want to care for it and sell it to someone else while it is still useful so you can get a better car? One way you have nothing to show for it and have to wait 2 years every time you want to upgrade, the other way you potentially always have a brand new phone that is the latest and greatest. I prefer the latter so that Verizon isn't in complete control over when and what smartphones I can buy.
  15. hal1

    hal1 Android Expert

    Wow, I've almost always been able to sell my phone for about 50 dollars less than what I paid for it new.

    Even a 11 months from now I'll be eligible for my upgrade, and people not eligible for an upgrade will be happy to pay 150 for my phone with no contract.
  16. Member138406

    Member138406 Guest

    I sold my Eris for $150 a week ago. The phone even had some damage but screen was in perfect condition because of a screen protector. In fact all my used phones I sell on craigslist get me $100+, there is always someone out there who is not close to upgrade and needs a well taken care of phone and refuses to pay the full retail for it.
  17. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    Have you tried cleaning it with a damp microfiber cloth? Some streaks can look a lot like scratches and require moisture to be removed...worth trying just on the off chance...
  18. jj3699

    jj3699 Android Enthusiast

    +1 I have thought a many of times that I had a scratch on my Eris' screen but as soon I cleaned it with a Microfiber towel it was back to being perfect :)
  19. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Android Enthusiast

    Ah, I was talking about selling my phone in two years. I have no desire, need, or ability to upgrade phones before then. If I'm still likely to be able to get $100+, then maybe I'll put a screen protector and case on it so it will be in pristine selling condition.
  20. Randino

    Randino Android Enthusiast

    Is that Stenheil slick like going bareback? or is it more tacky like the zagg protectors?

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