Unbranded Androids?


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Opinion on Unbranded phones? (I've got a 3 Network sim)
Are these any good?:

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Or any recommendations?


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Unbranded Android phones? No. Categorically no.

You'll get things like "3G", but it only actually works on 2G, or other nonsense like that. Instruction manual in Chinese (which is fine if you read Chinese). Absolutely no specs available, so rooting and flashing is impossible.

And some of these companies change name so often that by the time you get the phone, they're already gone, so good luck with any warranty. (Forget "tech support" - even if you spoke fluent Chinese, they don't waste money on things like that.)

Quite a few people have bought one of those things, come here for help and concluded that it's really a case of you get what you pay for.