Unbranded Unlocked HTC Desire 2.2 Froyo update?


I manually checked for updates after reading online somewhere that Desire's were getting updates and i didnt get mine until i manually checked for the update. I did and to be honest it was quite quick :D Yes it kept going off and on and vibrating every two minutes but as far as i am aware its done, I wanted to know what i can do on it?! I have looked online but it doesnt say alot, just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks they've discovered. Apologies if it has been covered in an earlier post :)


Android Expert
1. You can play Flash videos on the browser

2. Apps are a lot faster

3. You can store some apps on the SD card. Check on the app on Running Applications and see if the move to SD button is lighted.

4. You get a new Google Search app that has much more extensive voice capabilities

5. You get a mobile wifi hotspot

6. You can get new apps, like a new GMail app, new YouTube app. You can find these in the Android Market.

7. Browser is faster.

8. Running Applications on Settings has an all new look.

Specific changes to the HTC Desire

1. You get a new Google News and Weather app. This app was only available on the Nexus One before.

2. Improvements on the SMS app.