Unbranding & Rooting


Hi All!
Complete noob here so please forgive my ignorance on this subject. Ive searched the forums which has kinda led to more confusion, apologies....

Ive a HTC Desire which is on the Virgin network (T-Mobile).

Q1 - If I debrand, will I then be able to update to Android 2.2?

Q2 - Ive requested an unlock code from Virgin, will this help?

Q3 - Im confused between debranding and rooting, can someone explain the difference and do I have to do both to update to 2.2?

Many thanks in advance...



Android Enthusiast
1. Yes
2. Yes it may be required.
3. Debranding simply removes any stuff that your network may of put on your phone and replaces it with a generic rom.Rooting is like hacking your phone and gives you access to the core files on your phones memory.No you only have to debrand.