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What was the app(s) you installed? Google how to boot your phone into safe mode and if it boots, uninstall the app(s)
(or if you've already tried a factory reset, don't bother)


share the love peeps ;)
Ahh sorry I thought you were having download issues .
So are these firmwares for different models or just different builds for your model?
EDIT sorry I misread..

Sorry I have no experience with LG so can't help much :(


share the love peeps ;)
Sorry then bro. Is the root forum for your device active?
if not there's an LG expert on here but I can't remember how to spell his name to tag him lol. Hopefully he'll see this he's a good guy.
Good luck


root@android:/ #
@iowabowtech is it you I'm thinking of who's the LG genius mate?
I've been tagging your name wrong lol but found you on an LG forum.
Cheers and sorry if it's not you I'm thinking of :thumbsupdroid:

I've flashed my share of LG's but I have no experience with this particular model. OP, are you using the 2014 KDZ Flash Tool as seen here:

If so, the only other thing that comes to mind is to be sure you have the LG United Drivers installed on your PC.