understanding my new phone


hi!just got my new gs2 3 days ago. still trying to understand how to use all the apps. nokia info is more easy to understand coz, can get it straight from the phone.:(


Welcome to the Android Forum - nice to have you aboard...We're here to help you find your way! Note: Getting apps installed on your phone is as easy as -- (1) Open the Android Market app. (2) Login with your Google Email & password. (3) Installed all the apps you want from the market straight to your device. Android is a very customizable and intuitive platform.

You might want to check out the following sub-forum -- I have linked all varients of your phone, because they're a few carriers who have the same device, and I'm not sure which one you have - go ahead and select the right one for you.
There are plenty of tips, tricks and information on your device as well as plenty of wonderful people to help you along the way.

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http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s2-international/ - (International)

Thanks for joining and I hope you find this place useful!! Happy Holidays. ;)